This workshop is for

anyone who needs to

improve their confidence

and feel empowered:



Janna Land

This course has taught

me that I need to

believe in myself more,

love myself more.

My journey has begun.

Yvonne is very inspiring

and motivating and has

changed my life for the

better. She has lots of

energy and is engaging.

Denise Townsend

Unleash Your Brilliance


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This three day high impact self development & empowerment course takes place at the luxurious Icon Hotel Luton Bedfordshire. It has been designed especially with YOU in mind; using an array of tools and strategies to build a solid foundation and help regain your focus to irradiate all the excuses and to take responsibility by engaging in radical self honesty and self acceptance to build your confidence and self esteem muscles to change or develop your life, career, relationship, finance or health.

This is your first real steps to becoming ‘The New Brilliant YOU’  who you are destined to be without apology….

By taking this massive action you have now given yourself endless opportunity to fulfil your life’s dreams, goals and aspiration with immediate effect. You will begin to see, feel and think about yourself in a more positive way and this will begin to increase your capacity to change and achieve those things you thought were impossible.

The truth is you have a ridiculous amount of potential, the possibility of your greatness is endless and this is YOUR time. So book today and start your journey in discovering ‘The New You’.

Power Statement

My very existence is evidence that I am worthy and deserving of every desire being fulfilled in my life and I have the power to achieve all my dreams and aspirations. My life is organizing & preparing around my success on this path.

You are great,

thank you for sharing

your journey. You have

made me understand

the why to my life and

that there is no failure,

only feedback.


Marcelle Bousson