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International Speaker & Singer

If you want a speaker that is full of enthusiasm, funny, insightful, charming, warm, captivates an audience, can get the point across with humour and can even throw in a song or two then this little lady Yvonne Michéle is your girl!!!!

Out of the hundreds of speakers to choose from for your next event, there is only one with her style, and presence, she is totally different out of the box, she is leading the way for all women & young people; her passion is to inspire and empower every individual to be the highest expression of themselves, to live in the ‘now’ and make life count and be transformed. She has a message of hope and restoration and often shares her own story of overcoming personal tragedy, and finding peace and restoration through her faith her love for music her, personal achievement and her beliefs. Her desire is to speak words of inspiration, motivation and empowerment (with a little bit of a song)  to a global audience and help facilitate life long change.

Yvonne Michéle Transformational Speaker Luton

Keynote Speaker: International Women’ s Day Luton

Yvonne is available for speaking engagements for corporations, associations, public seminars,  workshops, school assemblies, events and industry-specific trainings.


  • Everything Starts with Me
  • The Giant Awakes
  • Maintaining The Momentum
  • Get Off The Bus
  • HandBags & Stilettos
  • No I in Team
  • Plus more

Through dynamic presentations, Yvonne draws on her own my personal experiences and excellence to share with audiences the essential elements that embrace her vision of entrepreneurial success, leadership, fun, and living a transformed life. She loves to laugh and sing and personally doesn’t take herself too seriously; she always seeks to bring laughter, music, enormous enthusiasm, insight, and energy to her presentations.

Throughout all of the years that she has been a speaker, singer, personal & professional consultant she has delivered powerful life changing messages to thousands of people all over the world, from entrepreneurs to corporate professionals, nonprofit organisations, women and youth groups. To inquire about Yvonne speaking or singing at your next event, please email or call 01494 793 474  or +44 07957255670