Yvonne Michéle

Meet Yvonne Michéle, a visionary dedicated to empowering women and transforming lives.

Renowned for her captivating voice, Yvonne Michéle is a driving force for change. Her passion lies in guiding entrepreneurs and rising online leaders to communicate confidently and authentically. By harnessing their expertise through impactful speaking and curated events, she empowers them to elevate their visibility, income, and influence.

Recognized as “The Queen of Inspirational Speaking & Presenting,” Yvonne’s talks leave an indelible mark. As Founder & CEO of the Global Empowerment Movement and Incognito Gospel Choir, she garnered 46 million views as a 2013 semi-finalist on Britain’s Got Talent.

Yvonne is an award-winning international speaker, singer, author, and women’s empowerment coach. Her unique approach to business, leadership, and speaking training empowers women to create wealth, embrace leadership, and amplify their impact.

A certified NLP Master Practitioner and more, Yvonne’s dedication to community is evident through GEM (The Global Empowerment Movement), her not-for-profit supporting survivors of trauma.

When not inspiring, Yvonne enjoys songwriting and precious moments with her grandson.

“BE Bold, Be Fearless, Be Authentic, Be You!”

“Be Bold, Be Fearless, Be You!”