Global Empowerment

Movement (G.E.M) for Women

This global empowerment movement is about helping you build the life & business of your dreams and create the success and wealth you want for yourself and the wider communities, while making life-long friendships and having fun. This covers multiple industries to turn ideas and passions into a success and I’m here to help you too. No matter whether you’re working a full-time job or toying with the idea of starting your own business, if you’re a stay at home mum and want to make some extra money as a side hustle, or you’re already a business owner and are looking for help and support to scale and grow your business. We’ve got you covered!  Here you will learn how power-full you really are and there are so many resources to help you make the progress you want no matter what stage you’re at…. But don’t wait to long the doors of the membership close in a few days, so don’t delay book your place today! Let me ask you this… How important is it, too you, to feel really good about yourself?

How will you feel in 6 months or even 3 months if everything in your life stays exactly the same and nothing changes? How will that feel for you? for most, it won’t feel good, most will live in a silent depression and only wish they could do something to change their circumstances but will never do anything about it. You on the other hand have an amazing opportunity to make a change. Many women struggle with feelings of anxiety, low self esteem and low confidence; sometimes its medical reasons, sometimes it’s the time of life and sometimes it’s just how you feel and that can be overwhelming. Whatever the reason, I know you want to overcome those feelings and feel more confident in yourself to achieve your goals and live your life.

Global Empowerment Movement

This is an exclusive membership where only my paid clients have access and reap the benefits! I want to give you the opportunity to grow and thrive in a supportive community of like-minded entrepreneurs. 

🔥You will receive daily inspiration

🔥Fortnightly sessions, giving you time to implement your learning. 

🔥Regular meet-up sessions 

🔥Discounts on 1-2-1 coaching, group coaching & retreats

🔥The opportunity to become a G.E.M Ambassador which will allow you to host events, travel, speak at our global conferences

We will also have guest trainers and speakers from every industry that will help you prepare for your breathtaking future, quizzes & competitions plus an open forum for you to socialise and make new friends, grow and transform. Claim your copy of Yvonne Michele’s New E-book Inspired Affirmations