Blondel is the daughter of Windrushers from Anguila.

Blondel has been a solicitor for over 37 years and is a fellow of Kings College, London where she was a member of the college council for several years, focusing on institutional change, governance and investment, she has also written several books about the West Indies.

She has held various public appointments addressing communities, education, health and heritage, having recently retired as a diplomat she represented the British Overseas Territory of Anguilla, she supported the territory through hurricane Irma, constitutional reform and in its preparations for Brexit.

Blondel is CEO of the West India Committee, the committee was founded in the City of London in 1735 and is the oldest body representative of the Commonwealth. The committee is a UK registered charity and Royal Charter Institution and is custodian of a UNESCO inscribed library and collection on the Caribbean and a Consulting NGO of UNESCO.

While she has retired from as a diplomat she is still a member of the Windrush Cross-Government working group which brings together community organisations with government representatives to support the deliver of practical solutions to address challenges affecting the Windrush generation and their families.

I just think she is amazing and even though she faced issues being female and black she still pushed the glass ceiling and is still pushing it.

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