Happy Mothers Day

💫 Happy Mothers Day 💫

To All the beautiful Queens
You are the essence of love
Love is the highest vibration
It’s Gods greatest gift

Today & everyday YOU ARE honoured
You are seen
You are heard
You are valued
You are appreciated

Most of all you are LOVED ❤️

💫 Happy Mothers Day 💫

21 Days to Loving Yourself

So you may be that woman who is sick and tired of being sick and tired with your life… You seem to take 2 steps forward but FEELS like you have taken 100 steps backwards all at the same time.

You may just want to be able to express yourself at the highest expression of who you are and change your life.This might be your story, and it doesn’t feel good … does it?

You might be at a place where you’ve been single for a long time and you want to meet the person of your dreams. This may be where you’re at, and you’re just totally like, how am I going to do that there are no men out there….

Wherever you find yourself & whatever the issue is, I’m here to tell you it’s ok… and I have amazing news and have an exciting opportunity for you from the fourth of October, I will be running a 21 day, online programme How to Love Yourself“.

This means that for 21 days. I’m going to be committed to you and other like-minded women who want to improve their lives, their relationships and create the life of their dreams. Let’s face it, we got to work on ourselves first… right!

My grandmother and otherwise women used to say… you have to learn to dance a yard before you go abroad. 

Which basically means, learn to do what you’re doing well, where you are, be comfortable in your own surrounding in your own environments before you go out and do something in other surroundings – 

Fall madly in love with yourself first…
Appreciate yourself 
Accept yourself 
Acknowledge yourself 
Align with yourself 
Affirm before you do that with anybody else. 

So I’m inviting you, even if you are married and you feel like your relationship is a little stuck, or you’re in at a bit of a stalemate, or you may just think, cha, I just need something that will help me to reconnect with my partner. 

This 21-day online experience has been specifically designed for you so that you are able to rise, thrive and live the life of your dreams. 

So if this sounds like something you need and it’s something you want that’s going help you to navigate yourself that one step closer to your goal, click the link and book yourself on it, without delay, and you won’t regret it.

Take care, ciao ciao.

Life After Trauma…

Life After Trauma 

This journey of ‘coming out’ has had so many twists and turns, I’ve lost many friendships who didn’t agree with my openness on this subject but at the same time, I’ve gained some incredible new friends who are supportive & caring unconditionally. I knew speaking out wasn’t going to be easy, I knew it was what I should do, I knew I need to do it , but, I was petrified. How could I be so terrified of letting others know that there is life after trauma?

What would everyone think of me? That was one of the questions that plagued my mind…

I have been living in fear for most of my life, I didn’t realise I was living in fear, I was too busy wearing a mask and pretending that I was ok….. but what does ok really mean?

I ask that question because that’s the question I have been asked time and time again…since I can remember. My answer remained the same for thirty-seven years …it was a lie that was killing me, strangling the life out of me inside.

5 years ago I made the decision to take off the mask and that day was the beginning of my true recovery.

To be honest the road to recovery takes a lot of energy and requires hard work, perseverance, forgiveness, determination, having a thick skin & self-belief. It’s not easy, there are constant challenges but it is achievable …. 

With a good support system/network, a lot of self care and learning to take one step at a time, remaining in my  present, NLP therapy, renewing my mind daily & trusting my faith in God, I was able to face the secrets, self hate, the shame & separation of my past to start creating and living a breathtaking life. 

Speaking out and telling my truth is another part of the process of MY healing and restoration. I believe that unless we really start talking about the issues of abuse, exposing those who have perpetrated and challenging the judicial system it will continue in this vicious cycle.  

Time is Up!

We cannot change the past but we can leave it behind, walk forward and embrace a breathtaking future with our heads held high. It’s time to live in the truth. Face the demons that have haunted our minds for so long; Conquer every fear, activate our power to live in the NOW.

We all have a responsibility to tell our stories, by doing so we empower others to tell their own stories and regain their life back too.

Together we are the Voice of Freedom, together our voices become the echo that brings down the walls of silence, shame, and separation. Together we are strong, together we are powerful, together we will become the voice that will rebuild, restructure and redefine the judicial system once and for all! 

There is HOPE … let us rise together!

Read part of my story in this week’s issue of The Voice Newspaper 

By: Marcia Dixon

Photography by: Joy Jobi

Support Network: Transformation Power House (Gee Abiah Patchett)

Reconnected Life (Emily Jacob)

To Purchase: To Report or Not yo Report Survivors Testimony of the (In) Justice System.

Click below to go to the dedicated website.

Royalties to the charities chosen by the survivor-authors.


Monday Motivation

speaker yvonne sinclairHave you ever been in a situation where YOU are the only thing standing in your way of receiving the breakthrough you know you deserve? 

Have you ever procrastinated over something that you knew you needed to do, something that could essentially change your life for the better, even forever?

Of course, you have! We all do at some stage …

Well, that was me less than 24 hours ago; things in life are changing rapidly and moving so quickly … You better keep up!!
I’m ready to go to the next level in my life but my little old ‘frienemy’ FEAR stood up in my chest and tried to hold me back!
I can tell you, the sweat that poured from my head  😰👩🏾 could have filled a bucket, my heart was pounding so hard through my chest I thought it was going to burst through, all I had to do was make a decision and answer a simple question of YES or No!

So do you know what I did … I said YES!

When you focus on and say YES to your own aspirations and dreams, it opens you up to the core of life itself.

Saying YES pushes you past fear, doubt and sometimes shame, and reconnects you with the goddess within.  

When you say YES you are giving yourself permission to acknowledge, accept and align with your higher calling & purpose and that same YES will allow you to share your gifts and passion with the world!

Let your YES Be Bold – Let your YES be Fearless – Let your YES be Authentic – Let you’re YES be YOU!!!


Monday Motivation Tips for a Successful Day

5 Tips for a Successful Day


1. Have a positive attitude

 2. Believe you will complete every goal you set for yourself today and for the rest of the week.

3. Wear your confidence like a piece of your favourite clothing, or in my case like a pair of shoes!


4. Pursue and action your goals that you have set

5. Faith and conviction in yourself because greatness is within YOU…oh and don’t forget to celebrate what you have achieved today!!

Remember You are a Gladiator, a true champion!

Happy Monday xx #‎BeBold #‎BeFearless #‎BeAuthenticallyYou  #‎Inspired2iNspireU #BeBrilliant

#UnleashYour Brilliance