Throwback Thursday – Clarity


I first shared this in August last year but from the conversations I’m hearing I think it needs sharing again.

Clarity – clarity is absolutely everything, when life is throwing things at us and we become unclear everything is blurred, your vision, your judgement, your future, everything.

Are you clear on your vision?

Throwback Thursday – Being The Bigger Person

Last week for throwback Thursday I shared me singing at last years Hope Gala Ball (tickets for this years ball are available at this link).

This week I thought I’d share a quick bit of inspiration that I first shared in December 2020, it’s about being the bigger person.

This is about knowing you are right but being able to maybe walk away from a situation, or maybe agreeing to disagree, it’s about taking a stance that brings you peace by being the bigger person and not causing an argument just to be right.

Let me know what you think in the comments are you good at being the bigger person?