speaker yvonne sinclairHave you ever been in a situation where YOU are the only thing standing in your way of receiving the breakthrough you know you deserve? 

Have you ever procrastinated over something that you knew you needed to do, something that could essentially change your life for the better, even forever?

Of course, you have! We all do at some stage …

Well, that was me less than 24 hours ago; things in life are changing rapidly and moving so quickly … You better keep up!!
I’m ready to go to the next level in my life but my little old ‘frienemy’ FEAR stood up in my chest and tried to hold me back!
I can tell you, the sweat that poured from my head  😰👩🏾 could have filled a bucket, my heart was pounding so hard through my chest I thought it was going to burst through, all I had to do was make a decision and answer a simple question of YES or No!

So do you know what I did … I said YES!

When you focus on and say YES to your own aspirations and dreams, it opens you up to the core of life itself.

Saying YES pushes you past fear, doubt and sometimes shame, and reconnects you with the goddess within.  

When you say YES you are giving yourself permission to acknowledge, accept and align with your higher calling & purpose and that same YES will allow you to share your gifts and passion with the world!

Let your YES Be Bold – Let your YES be Fearless – Let your YES be Authentic – Let you’re YES be YOU!!!