Power of Pause Revisted

At the beginning of the year, I focused on the power of pause and today I wanted to revisit the topic.

It’s been an exceptionally hard week. I’ve faced and overcome many challenges both personally & physically.

I have continually been blessed, some doors have been shut with padlock and key threw away and some massive doors have swung open. I have walked through these massive doors with the boldness I inhepower of pauserited from my Heavenly Father all to which he deserves the glory…

I stop and take a pause… To take stock, to put things into perspective, to reflect on my day, to consider what I have learned – You know one of those moments where everything just stops… I breathe …I am still… that is the power of pause…

And I hear these words in the picture below … My reply – No words … Just tears!!!


The Power of Pause part 3

This is the third in my articles on the power of pause. Click below to read parts 1 and 2 if you haven’t already:

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Power of Pause Part 2

Power of Pause Part 3

Pausing gives you internal power, it causes us to really think about ourself, what we are doing from day to day, what we are doing with our life.

It causes us to challenge ourselves and ask the question how am I affecting my world around me.

You see, we have the power, each and every one of us , to change the way we treat ourselves , how we speak and treat one another, and how we affect our world around us.

In my last blog – Power of Pause prt2 I explained how Pausing allows you to take stock of what is really important and It helps you make the right decisions ….remember the old saying “Only Fools Rush In!!”

Well last week, I slipped back into the old habit of not pausing (unfortunately this can happened when we are too busy; being too busy can be distracting and when your distracted huge mistakes can be made.)

I had to make an important business decision in a short space of time with very little information or resource, but rather than; pausing to reflect on my vision, my long term goals and to think the decision through in its entirety….


The consequence of that mistake has added more to my work load and has added absolutely no value whatsoever!

The powerful message in this unfortunate mistake is….. I will never make that mistake again!!

So remember to the power of pause. Remember to pause and reflect — before you sign on with someone or some organisation, take that moment …. Use this Powerful tool – The Power of the Pause….You’ve earned it and you deserve it!

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The Power of Pause part 2

Welcome to the power of pause part 2 – click the link to read the power of pause if you missed it.

I discovered the power of pause is as a powerful tool when my life got out of control because I was constantly ‘on the go’….building someone else’s dream, trying to please everyone apart from myself, concentrating on the minor things in my life instead of pursuing the major.

Being self employed if you don’t work you don’t get paid… So always looking to make the next pound became the focus. Now, that is not entirely a bad thing because whatever you focus on is what you become…but without BALANCE & DISCIPLINE it can be soul destroying and a lonely place.

Today, I’m asking you to tap into the Power of Pause because I believe you have an important opportunity in front of you that could change your life and bring about the balance you need and deserve in your life.

Pausing allows you to take a breath in your life and take stock of what is really important. It helps you make the right decisions ….there is an old saying “Only Fools Rush In!!”As everybody else is rushing around like a lunatic out there, I dare you to do the opposite …I guarantee you will see things from a different perspective.

You have the power to make your life how you want it, you have the power to change the way you treat yourself; you can treat yourself the way you want to be treated without hesitation and once you discover and make this your way of way of life everything that is outside of you will treat you the same way too.

When you take that pause, at that moment you take control of your thinking, your actions and your results.

#KeepingItReal #KeepItMoving #PowerofPause