Inspired To Change Limiting Beliefs

Are Your Beliefs Holding You Back…..

Are you inspired to change limiting beliefs?

Firstly, what is a limiting belief?

Web definitions
“Limiting beliefs are beliefs that are held either consciously or subconsciously that serve as obstacles to manifesting and attracting what one wants, needs or desires. Limiting beliefs can have an incredibly negative or damaging effect on your life – causing you to suffer – for example – relationship problems, ill health, phobias fears and anxieties, and even mental and physical illnesses.”

By changing your limiting beliefs system means you are able to ‘Thrive’ by definition it means to grow or develop vigorously, to be successful, to flourish.

So wouldn’t we all want to change any limiting beliefs in our lives and live happy, contented, achieving what we want to achieve and enjoying life to the full?


Unfortunately it is often too easy to acquire a distorted way of thinking as we tell ourselves ” I cant, It wont work, Its too difficult, Im too embarrassed, Im a failure” ….is this your truth?

This is my truth…..

I have told myself for about 2 years that I could not write a blog because I didn’t think I had anything worth writing or saying….and no-one would be interested in reading what I have to say, i was embarrassed about my spelling and the level of my writing ability but here I find myself taking a leap of faith and shutting down those same limiting beliefs and stretching to my purpose.

But the truth is I have books upon books in my nook area which I have my writings, my thoughts my dreams and my life of which IS VERY INTERESTING !!!! (Well so I have been told)
The truth is I bought into that limit; I told myself it was true AND agreed with that limiting belief and became friends with it!!!

What’s changed?

I realised that I was in agreement with the limiting belief so I changed that agreement by taking my power back ….

You see there is power in agreement!!!

None of us want to keep these beliefs, but we either think:

1. That’s just the way things are (everyone else agrees), or…
2. It’s become such a part of my identity that it’s too hard to change now

In order to solve the problem, we first need to realise that what is often seen as “just the way things are” is, in reality, just an assumption. And because it’s an assumption, it means that we decided to agree to make that assumption as well, on some conscious or unconscious level.

In that case, we need to RECLAIM our power, and choose to STOP agreeing. It can really be that simple.

If you think about how we were raised by our parents, they taught us to comb your hair, how to wash, clean our teeth, get dressed, ride a bike, cross the road etc. At school we were taught Maths, English, History, and a number of other subject.
But who taught us how to manage our THOUGHTS and our EMOTIONS?….. No-one! and no-one is remotely interested so we managed the best that we could and picked up a lot of bad thinking habits along the way.

It is very difficult to change anything in your life until you understand your thoughts & emotions and what you are about – what actually makes you tick, why you think the way you do.
What you think about yourself affects your thinking, and more importantly, what you BELIEVE about yourself effects how you see yourself and how you process information.

Changing Limiting Beliefs is not just about positive thinking,its actually so much more than that – its about re-training your brain to think differently, to take responsibility and live the life that you want, and should, be living to create a permanent change.

Identifying and changing your limited beliefs puts you back in control it allows you to take responsibility for what happens in your like and how you CHOOSE to let things affect you!

So what is the Changing Limiting Beliefs programme and how does it work? What does it consist of?
The CLB Programme usually consists of between 4-6 sessions that involve informal sessions that may at times be quite challenging to your beliefs. You will find it enlightening, informative, en-powering inspirational, and also at times ( hopefully) humorous.

The end result and goal is that you are taught a very simple technique to get your life the way that you WANT it to be, focussing on what you WANT to happen rather than what you fear MIGHT happen!

CLB Programme is available using SKYPE for trainees abroad who wish to change their life.

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Power of Pause Revisted

At the beginning of the year, I focused on the power of pause and today I wanted to revisit the topic.

It’s been an exceptionally hard week. I’ve faced and overcome many challenges both personally & physically.

I have continually been blessed, some doors have been shut with padlock and key threw away and some massive doors have swung open. I have walked through these massive doors with the boldness I inhepower of pauserited from my Heavenly Father all to which he deserves the glory…

I stop and take a pause… To take stock, to put things into perspective, to reflect on my day, to consider what I have learned – You know one of those moments where everything just stops… I breathe …I am still… that is the power of pause…

And I hear these words in the picture below … My reply – No words … Just tears!!!


Celebrating Super Shero Women Globally

Today is officially International Women’s Day. So to all of my beautiful, talented and amazing Super Shero women globally around the planet…

Big Up Yourself, Celebrate Your Greatness …You Are Fearfully & Wonderfully Made in the Image of God!

Remember it not just about today but everyday…Pat yourself on the back for every achievement past & present……Because You Are Worth It!!!


Super shero women globally

Power of Forgiveness Part 1

A Moment of Thought…

As we approach the season of Lent it occurs to me that one of the biggest gifts you can give to yourself or anyone else for that matter is the power of forgiveness.

Power of forgiveness

What does it mean to forgive ?

Forgiveness is letting go of the need for revenge and releasing negative thoughts of bitterness and resentment.

It is also a conscious, deliberate decision to release feelings of resentment or vengeance toward a person or group who has harmed you, regardless of whether they actually deserve your forgiveness.

When I consider what I have recently and currently been going through; the time of year it is; my journey and all that I have been and gone through to get to this point in my life I realise that forgiveness is the key to unlock the door to moving forward with no regrets.

The power of forgiveness allows you to be free…

I realise that we can function for a period of time without it but eventually we become stagnant and ineffective because of the negative influences that surround un-forgiveness, insecurities, pain, jealousy, anger and much more…

Take a moment to pause, reflect and be honest about where you are, and how you feel … is there un-forgiveness in your heart?

Are you able to exercise the power of forgiveness and let it go now?

The Power of Pause part 3

This is the third in my articles on the power of pause. Click below to read parts 1 and 2 if you haven’t already:

Power of Pause Part 1

Power of Pause Part 2

Power of Pause Part 3

Pausing gives you internal power, it causes us to really think about ourself, what we are doing from day to day, what we are doing with our life.

It causes us to challenge ourselves and ask the question how am I affecting my world around me.

You see, we have the power, each and every one of us , to change the way we treat ourselves , how we speak and treat one another, and how we affect our world around us.

In my last blog – Power of Pause prt2 I explained how Pausing allows you to take stock of what is really important and It helps you make the right decisions ….remember the old saying “Only Fools Rush In!!”

Well last week, I slipped back into the old habit of not pausing (unfortunately this can happened when we are too busy; being too busy can be distracting and when your distracted huge mistakes can be made.)

I had to make an important business decision in a short space of time with very little information or resource, but rather than; pausing to reflect on my vision, my long term goals and to think the decision through in its entirety….


The consequence of that mistake has added more to my work load and has added absolutely no value whatsoever!

The powerful message in this unfortunate mistake is….. I will never make that mistake again!!

So remember to the power of pause. Remember to pause and reflect — before you sign on with someone or some organisation, take that moment …. Use this Powerful tool – The Power of the Pause….You’ve earned it and you deserve it!

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